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  • Zeversolar Inverter: Solar-Log Allows Comprehensive PV System Monitoring

    Solar-Log, one of the leading providers of solar monitoring solutions, has added Zeversolar’s inverter range to its database of compatible devices. When setting up Solar-Log, installers can select Zeversolar’s devices from a drop-down list to establish a connection with the monitoring system quickly and easily.

    The compatibility enables PV plant operators and service providers to access inverter level statistics, which allows them to gain a comprehensive view of their PV plant’s performance via a local LCD display and the “Solar-Log WEB” online monitoring portal. “This partnership with Solar-Log means that our customers can comprehensively monitor PV power plants with outputs of up to 2,000 kW,” said Andreas König, Sales Director for Europe at Zeversolar. “The ability to quickly establish a connection with a Zeversolar inverter using a drop-down fits our device concept, which is systematically oriented towards user-friendliness.”

    Solar-Logs monitoring portal shows inverter data such as PV array current and voltage, AC current and voltage, instantaneous power and energy generated. Additional unique Solar-Log features like feed-in management, active and reactive power management can be accessed. Solar-Log also supports weather sensors such as Irradiance sensors, wind sensor and temperature sensors.