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  • Zeversolar now compatible with Solarfox® public displays

    Cologne, 7th June 2016 – Zeversolar, a leading inverter producer from China, has partnered up with Solarfox®, a leader in public solar displays for PV plants, to develop a solution, which features compatibility between a Zeversolar inverter and the range of large displays provided by Solarfox®.


    This partnership allows PV plant owners such as businesses and educational institutions, via the Solarfox® display, to showcase their green credentials as well as the performance of their PV system in locations such as foyers, visitor or public areas. This allows the general public to experience the level of commitment the PV plant owner has invested into reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions at first-hand. The Solarfox® display can also be configured to show up to date weather forecasts, public announcements and news bulletins of events around the world.

    “We have addressed the need for multimedia PV plant visualization for showing the commitment towards renewable energies by partnering with Solarfox®. We are excited to announce this collaboration as it brings Zeversolar closer to the general public and reflects upon our philosophy of bringing energy to everybody,” says Andreas Koenig, Sales Director Europe at Zeversolar.

    The general public or visitors of the PV plant are able to view PV Plant information such as, instantaneous power, daily energy generation and historical information. Demonstration systems will be shown at Intersolar 2016 in Munich at both the Zeversolar (B2.355) and Solarfox® (B3.371) booths.

    About Solarfox®
    Solarfox® large displays innovatively visualise the current yield and CO2 avoidance of photovoltaic systems as well as the consumption data, usually in public and commercial buildings. The display system can be connected to almost any monitoring system available on the market. Solarfox® Displays are an invention of SOLEDOS GmbH, situated close to Frankfurt, which is a young, innovative German company with an international focus on renewable energy and the visualisation of its energy data. With its brands SOLARFOX® and ENERGYFOX, SOLEDOS makes energy tangible in order to sensitise energy consumption as well as to accelerate sustainable behaviour.