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    ——?appointment, training and pledging ceremony of Eversolar (Jiangsu Eversolar New Energy Co., Ltd.)senior personnel
    Early summer in Suzhou, all full of vitality, all staff of Eversolar gathered in Taoyuan Resort in the morning of 15th, May, witnessing the solemn moment of appointment and pledging of Eversolar Management Team. Professor Wen, one famous enterprise lecturer was invited for special trainings of “achievement consciousness, wolf consciousness, enterprise competitiveness, as well as “middle execution”. The success of the activity shows all specialties of Eversolar team fully, reflecting core values of Eversolar: honest, teamworking, professional, creative, service and win-win.

    This activity was hosted by Shen Guobing, the Chief Personnel Officer of Eversolar. He guided all staff to review core values, work objective, work style and other enterprise cultures of Eversolar firstly. NingNing, general manager of Eversolar, then forwarded some questions accordingly and made some requests for the training. With the leading of Professor Wen, “brainwashed storm” of wolf culture and team management was broungt out then.

    Based on the disadvantages of Chinese Style Management, taking onion-striping principle, Professor Wen carried out detailed statement and case analysis in several big aspects: how to promote management force, how to do things well, how to maintain sustainable development and sustainable competitive edge for one enterprise, and so on, relatively practical solutions were raised as well. Punishment of being late, 318 standard of smile, and other management ways, notes test, beer-taking test and other personality tests were also included.

    The climax of this activity resulted from appointment and agreement of employment awarding of Eversolar senior management personnel, every agreement of employment issued by Ning Ning, the general manager. Every employee received not only an agreement, but also trust and responsibility. Sales Director Zhu Guozhong, Manager Gu Chaoyu, Supervisor Yang Qing and others expressed passionate speeches of agreement awarding, on behalf of all hired personnel. At last, General Manager Ning made summary about “ solution is always more than problem”, with the expectation of leading roles of all senior management personnel, full performance of team active consciousness and more solutions than problems.

    This training bring new dynamic for highly-developing Eversolar timely, further strengthen team cohension of Eversolar, and give a warning to Eversolar as well: pleasing achievements may cover problems existed in the management, so every administrator should keep crisis consciousness in heart. Only find out problems, solve problems, innovate and make progress constantly, can Eversolar keep core competition and remain invincible in cruel competition, just as Professor Wen has said, “ it’s also advisable to move ahead against the wind.”