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  • Zeversolar receives "Shine Cup" 2015 Elite string inverters Supplier Award

    November 5, 2015, the "Shine Cup" CREC annual awards ceremony in Wuxi was conducted. Jiangsu Zeversolar New Energy Co., Ltd. with a good and solid reputation in the PV industry, won the 2015 annual "Shine Cup Elite string inverters suppliers," award.

    The "Shine Cup" honor is for Zeversolar’s outstanding contributions to the development of the photovoltaic industry. Leading authorities in the PV industry, PV experts, business leaders, technical elite were present at this awards ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment.

    In the global economic downturn, China's PV industry continues to grow this year, as an additional capacity of 161% in the first three quarters were installed. Under government support, the Zeversolar R&D team has taken great effort in introducing the competitively advantaged Zeverlution series string inverter products and monitoring products, which can be widely used in large-scale industrial parks, economic development zone, public facilities, residential roofs, as well as some qualified agricultural facilities, idle venues, and poverty alleviation projects. Zeversolar´s technical support and after-sales teams actively participate with the customer in regards to power plant design, construction and network connection. The teams also provide quality and efficient services to power plant operators to ensure long-term stable operation of the PV plant thereby increasing long-term benefits to the end user.