NSG-500K3TL Solar Inverters


This central inverter has an advanced circuit topology and long-life components. It provides high conversion efficiency, precision control, reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression function. It also comes with a rapid and reliable over-current/over-voltage/temperature protection function. Our central inverter ensures a high energy yield and a great return on your investment.


  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.7%
  • DC input range up to 1000V
  • Wide range of MPPT DC voltage input
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Reactive/active power control
  • Comprehensive safety guards
NSG-500K3TL Solar Inverters

DC input data

Max. DC input (cosφ=1) [KW]560
Max. DC voltage [V] 1000
MPP voltage range [V]500-850
Max. DC current [A]  1120
Number of MPP trackers 1
Number of DC inputs8

Output data

Rated power [KW] 500
Max. AC output power [KVA] 550
Operating grid voltage ± 10 % [V] 315
Operating range, grid frequency [Hz] 50
Max. AC current [A] 1008
Power factor (cosφ) 0.9 inductive ... 0.9 capacitive
Harmonic distortion (THD) at rated output < 3%
Power consumption at night [W]  < 100


Max. efficiency PAC, max (ŋ) 98.7%
European weighted efficiency 98.5%


Power switch AC side OT+FUSE
Power switch DC side Switch
Monitored surge voltage protectors DC TYPE II
Monitored surge voltage protectors AC TYPE II
Monitored surge voltage protectors for auxiliary supply TYPE II
DC overvoltage protection, DC overcurrent protection Yes
AC overvoltage protection, AC overcurrent protection Yes
Fan monitoring Yes
Ground fault device/interrupt (GFDI) Optional
DC Insulation monitoring Yes

General data

Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 1600 x 2195 x 800
Weight [kg] 1650
Installation environment Indoor
Operating temperature range -25°C ... +55°C (derating in case of temperatures above 45°C) 
Relative humidity 0% to 95%, no condensation
Site altitude 4000m
IP protection type IP21
Insulation type Transformerless
Cooling concept Fan cooling
Human machine interface (HMI) LCD touchscreen
Communication interface RS485/RS232
Certificates and approvals CNCA/CTS 0004-2009A, CNCA/CTS 0006-2010, GB/T 19964-2012


As of July, 2015 / Technical data is subject to revisions.