We believe that PV Plant monitoring plays an important role in our belief in revolutionizing access to solar energy. It saves you time and money by reducing PV plant downtime. Your energy generation and consumption is presented in simple and easy to read graphs for complete plant management. Real time and historical data is readily available via our cloud based monitoring portal allowing you to compare your current performance to yesterday's performance and beyond. ZeverCloud, our brand new online monitoring portal, is perfect for home owners, business owners and PV developers who want to monitor their PV Plants from anywhere in the world.



  • Cloud based monitoring system
  • Key system data on one page for easy viewing
  • Easy and convenient performance reporting
  • Centralized management of all plant data
  • Rapid event and yield report by email
  • Accessible by browser or Android and iOS apps
  • Locate your PV plant on the map (app version)
  • Easy to create PV plant by scanning QR code (app version)