Zeverlution Pro Solar Inverters


We believe that the world would be a better place if everybody had easy access to the cleanest energy. Now we are also revolutionizing access to solar power  for multi-MW utility grade PV plants. You will benefit from highest efficiency, lowest start voltage, wide MPPT range and Modbus support. Because great plants are not made with powerful words alone, our Zeverlution Pro series.


  • Efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Lightweight, only 58kg
  • Compact IP65 casing ideal for PV plants
  • Integrated DC and AC surge protection for highest safety
  • RS485 and Modbus RTU communications
  • Separate wiring compartment for convenient and reliable installation
  • Complete grid and plant management functions via ZeverManager, ZeverCom or Modbus-compliant 3rd party management devices
  • Easy handling for installation and maintenance
Zeverlution Pro Solar Inverters

Input (DC)

Max. PV array power49500 Wp STC
Max. input voltage1000 V
MPP voltage range / rated input voltage270 V to 950 V / 620 V
Min. input voltage250 V
Initial feed-in voltage300 V
Max. operating input current per MPPT input A / input B34 A / 34 A
Max. input current per string input A / input B11 A / 11 A
Number of independent MPPT inputs / strings per MPPT input2 / A: 4; B: 4

Output (AC)

Rated power33000 W 1)
Max. apparent AC power33000 VA
AC nominal voltage220 V / 380 V
230 V / 400 V
240 V / 415 V
AC voltage range160 V to 300 V
AC grid frequency / range50 Hz / 45 Hz to 55 Hz
60 Hz / 55 Hz to 65 Hz
Rated power frequency / rated grid voltage50 Hz / 230 V
Max. output current / rated output current3 x 48 A / 3 x 48 A
Power factor at rated power / adjustable displacement power factor1 / 0.80 overexcited to 0.80 underexcited
Feed-in phases / AC connection3 / 3-N-PE
Harmonic distortion (THD) at rated output< 3%


Max. efficiency / European efficiency98.5% / 98.2%

Protective devices

Input-side disconnection device
Ground fault monitoring / grid monitoring● / ●
DC reverse polarity protection / AC short circuit current capability● / ●
All-pole-sensitive residual-current monitoring unit
Protection class (according to IEC 62109-1) / overvoltage category (according to IEC 62109-1)I / AC : III ; DC : II
DC surge arrester (Type II )
AC surge protection

General data

Dimensions (W / H / D)510 / 710 / 260 mm
Weight58 kg
Operating temperature range-25 ℃ to +60 ℃
Noise emission (typical)< 60 dB(A)
Self-consumption (at night)< 1 W
Cooling conceptFan cooling
Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529)IP65
Climatic category (according to IEC 60721-3-4)4K4H
Max. permissible value for relative humidity (non-condensing)100%
Max. operating altitude2000 m


DC connectionSUNCLIX
AC connectionScrew terminals
Mounting typeWall mounting bracket
DisplayGraphical LCD
LED Indicators (Status / Fault / Communication)
Interface: RS485 / WLAN & Ethernet 1) & 2)● / -
Data interfaces: Zeversolar Modbus
Certificates and approvals (more available on request)CE, IEC 62109-1/2, VDE-ARN 4105, VDE 0126-1-1, C10/11:2012, UTE C15-712-1, EN50438:2013, NEN EN 50438, G59/3, RD 1699/413, IEC 60068, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, NB/T32004-2013

● standard 
○ optional 
- not available

 1)  At 230Vac rated condition


As of December, 2018 / Technical data is subject to revisions.